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After my first mystery novel, I knew I would write more. Many people asked for a sequel to By Any Other Name, liking both the plot and the heroine, Lynn Davis. The Midwife Factor is not the requested sequel, but it does involve my savvy, sophisticated, tough, sharp investigator, Lynn Davis. Her new client gives her a case that starts in Cincinnati, but takes her to Budapest, Hungary where she spends two weeks on an intriguing and extremely dangerous case.

In this story, only the kindly midwife named Flossie Mae Walker knew that Nicola Moldovan, a fifteen-year-old Romanian teenager living in Cincinnati, gave birth to identical twin girls nineteen years ago. The twins, separated at birth, grew up on different continents, yet, throughout their lives, both unwittingly shared each others thoughts, feelings, and dreams, even though neither knew of the existence of the other.

Now, just as a sinister plot unfolds in a Budapest prison, the elderly midwife decides to pen a tell-all letter to the families involved. Is it best to let sleeping dogs lie? Morgan Wellington and Ivona Palaki always felt that something important was missing from their lives. That particular notion, and other strange phenomena has plagued them for as long as they can remember.

Morgan, the adopted daughter of a Nobel Prize winning physician and his wife of Cincinnati, has always secretly yearned to know her true biological identity—even more so after a Hungarian friend she met in Paris tells her about a look-alike in Budapest and invites her to visit the country to see for herself. Meanwhile, Morgan’s parents, curious as to why their daughter has unexpectedly traveled to Budapest, hire private investigator Lynn Davis to find out the truth. While Lynn Davis is in Budapest on the case, habitual criminal, Pista Vladú of Bucharest, Romania, puts the final touches on an evil plan that will change everything. He manages to pull off a major abduction for ransom. Though cruel and abusive, his efforts accomplish one important thing—they bring Morgan Wellington and Ivona Palaki together for the first time in theirlives, but not before he puts them both through a horrific ordeal.

In this international mystery, past secrets are revealed with the help of a private investigator and the midwife who brought the twins into the world. Can identical twins truly communicate with each other telepathically?

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