This heartwarming story, set in Cincinnati, is about mixed-race, predominantly African-American girls at Kingston High (a fictitious name), a multi-racial high school. The girls call themselves, "The TWISY Girls, TWISY standing for "This World is Yours.")

This story will inspire girls (and boys) 9 - 14 who watch these girls come together to solve the mystery of the dropped pearl. The reader sees the girls gather important clues and ultimately save their friends from being accused of a crime they didn't commit.

With budgets for non-essentials cut, Kingston High School no longer funds its Arts program. However, through a strong community and student body effort, money is raised to finance the school' first play in 10 years. They choose to produce the play, "Cinderella." But just before opening night, tragedy strikes when all the costumes vanish.

The story follows the TWISY girls from their learning of the missing costumes through their determined, although challenging investigation to solve the mystery. This is a captivating story that shows the ingenuity, talents and compassion of the primary characters.

A Twisy Girls Mystery: The Case of the Dropped Pearl has a strong, wholesome, moral storyline, with positive emotional content for young readers today. It is available on, and

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