Using accounts from dozens of individuals who have experienced problems stemming from workplace diversity, author Gladys Gossett Hankins, PhD, an expert in diversity awareness and organizational effectiveness, identifies race and

She offers solutions to the race- and gender-based problems corporations and other organizations face which affect productivity, efficiency, and the organization's bottom line.

This insightful and powerful book tells what managers and employees alike must do to eradicate these negative conditions through a proactive, constructive process, that creates prejudice- and discrimination-free work environments in which all organization members are free to contribute fully and grow.

Michael Eric Dyson, Ph.D., author, radio host, and professor of sociology at Georgetown University wrote, "Admidst the vast literature about diversity comes Gladys Hankins Diversity Blues, How to Shake 'Em, a brilliant dissection of how racism and sexism haunt the work place. Hankins' unique contribution is to offer practical solutions to thorny problems that plague large and small organizations.

This is a well-conceived, clearly-written, and forcefully-argued book that details how organizations can overcome bigotry to become viable institutions. Diversity Blues is a gold mine for the taking."

Diversity Blues, How to Shake 'Em is available from and other electronic booksellers. It is also available in the Public Library.

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